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    Michele Ahlman
Letter Form ABHF - Americans for Better Hearing Foundation

Dear Ms. Ahlman:

I want to thank you for including the Foundation and our clients in the test group for the Bluetooth products included in the Doctors Choice Wireless Solutions. We enthusiastically and strongly endorse and recommend these ClearSounds products.  They work very well for people with t-coil hearing aids as well as for people with hearing loss that have not yet made the commitment to get hearing aids.

As you know, the Foundation primarily works with people with lower incomes who cannot afford the high end wireless hearing aids offered by many of the larger hearing aid manufacturers. We try to make sure that all of our clients have t-coils in the hearing aids we provide. The primary reason we originally did that was so that our clients would have access to public places that looped their facilities such as places of worship, libraries, museums, public buildings and public meeting places.   

With our experience with the Doctors Choice Wireless Solutions, we have found that our clients are now primarily using their t-coils for better functional use of their hearing aids with their cell phones, their TV systems, their digital office phones, and their home phones. Many have reported that for the first time they have been able to hear well on their cell phones and business phones by using the Doctors Choice products.  The response regarding use of the home phones and the TV accessory has been equally as positive. We have found that even our “curmudgeons” who were “forced” into our office by family members and promised they would return their hearing aids are now very happy hearing aid users.


We even extended the trial to include people who did not have hearing aids but acknowledged they had trouble with their cell phone or office phone.  The binaural headset option and the amplification on the Quattro 4.0 worked wonderfully for them.  Several people are now asking if hearing aids will allow them to hear as well face-to-face as they hear on their cell phones with the Quattro 4.0.

Thank you so much for bringing what had been previously unaffordable technology to a large number of people who really do appreciate your consideration.  

Our mission to educate on the benefits of recognizing and treating hearing loss and to deliver hearing health care to the underserved has been made easier by the availability of your Doctors Choice Wireless Solution products.   Expanding the benefits of affordable hearing aids to include leading edge Bluetooth, wireless technologies makes a huge difference for our clients.  


Thank you again for making your high end technologies affordable for everyone.


Best regards,




Richard Uzuanis

Executive Director

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    Michele Ahlman
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