ClearSounds® Quattro Pro Adaptive Bluetooth System

$ 229.95


ClearSounds® Quattro Pro Adaptive Bluetooth System

$ 229.95

The all new Quattro Pro Adaptive Bluetooth System is our latest brainstorm in our collection of unique & boutique innovations and sound enhancement devices, keeping people connected.

This remarkable Amplified Bluetooth streamer is magic for anyone who needs to hear better on their mobile phone or tablet. For phones calls, music, TV, and in meetings or social situation, the Quattro Pro is the master key to hearing clearly.

Speak up and lean in.” “Contribute to the conversation.” “Ask for what you really want.”

Well, I’d love to do all those things and more, but as I prep for my company’s quarterly meeting, my pulse is elevated and my stomach hurts. I feel that familiar panic…

Then I realize that today’s meeting is going to be completely different. I don’t have to dread it. In fact, I’ll probably enjoy it!

Because today’s the day I show everyone who I really am. 

Growing up, I never used to get anxious in a crowd or stressed out by a large group of people. I was confident and sharp.

So sure of myself- quick on my feet.

But, over the years, I started to feel frustrated in public settings. Talking in a big group felt impossible. People kind of changed the way they acted toward me too. I started to avoid lunches with groups of friends, going to concerts, hanging out at cafes- really any place that seemed overwhelming, which seemed to be most social settings.

What really suffered is my work though. I love what I do.

But I kept missing out on opportunities and my reviews reflected a decrease in performance. It seemed like I was being left out of conversations. I felt like an outsider.

Meetings left me mentally drained and so grouchy.

I couldn’t seem to take in all the information. It was just too much. Depression was starting to kick in, so I went to see my doctor.

Turns out that I’m not suffering from depression, anxiety or adult onset ADHD but…hearing loss.

When my doctor ordered a hearing test instead of a prescription, I was in shock. The signs had been there all along, but didn’t register!

After seeing a specialist, I learned that hearing loss is not just about volume, it’s about tone and background noise too. I have the kind of hearing loss that’s called Sensinoneural, or low frequency, hearing loss. I don’t need hearing aids, but need help with clearing up background noise and getting the full range of tone back.

So, my specialist recommended the Quattro 4 Pro.

It’s a cool, sleek Bluetooth enabled device I wear around my neck that connects to ear buds. It comes with a microphone too, so in group settings, I can just set it in the middle of the table and hear everything that’s being said.

My brain seems more relaxed when I wear it and I’m starting to get out to see my friends again. I told everyone about my hearing loss, including my supervisors at work.

It’s like a light bulb went off for everyone who’d known me for a while.

They were wondering why I’d seemed so different these past few years and now it all made sense.

I feel relieved, excited…and even a little bit emotional. The missing piece of my puzzle is finally in place.

Today, I’m gonna rock this meeting and finally be part of the conversation with my Quattro 4 Pro. I’m so excited!

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